We DO NOT sell Diplomatic Passports.

We DO NOT sell Diplomatic Positions.


This is a trusted diplomatic advisory service with years of experience in helping notable and deserving individuals to make legitimate applications to Foreign Governments and InterGovernmental Organizations, in consideration of a diplomatic position.

Between them, non-national diplomatic representatives, are responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars per annum into developing countries and intergovernmental organizations around the world. Without these unsung heroes, many developing countries and IGOs simply could not afford to operate on global scale.

Perhaps you are a successful businessperson who would like to give a little back to the universe by using your skills and contacts to make a real difference to people's lives?

If this sounds like you, we can assist with your application by using the services of of experienced diplomats and other legal and international experts. In doing so, our advisory has a very high success rate in finding you a suitable diplomatic appointment from a recognized country or intergovernmental organization.

Interview Process

Please be advised, we have a rigorous screening and interview process to weed out applicants with a nefarious agenda. If this is your plan, you will be uncovered during the interview process and our expert advisors will report back to us that we should have no further dealings with you.

In short, criminals should not contact us, we cannot help you escape justice.

First Step

The first step in the process is by emailing us a CV/Résumé and also telling us why you wish to be awarded a diplomatic position.

Without a CV/Résume, your email will be ignored.

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